Saturday, November 28, 2009

Remembrance of things past : A lil romance :) English songs

A set of songs from the past,when romance was the main agenda :) Ideally at this point in time, the pursuits should be spiritual, but who can resist the lure of love and the cadence of a song that speaks of it? Walk down the tree lined path of songs that caught most nuances of that one thing that makes the world go round :)

"Stupid Cupid stop picking on me,....set me free ...can't do my homework". Yes that's when it started. Cupid didn't stop though...:)

You run, crawl and climb city walls, only to be with her ... but you still haven't found what you are looking for... "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" -U2.

Went round mooning and moaning ....:) Love, Love me do... someone to love, somebody new... Beatles

Things got funkier, sharper and bolder with age ..."One of these nights, one of these crazy nights... we are gonna find out what turns on your lights....."
and the reason for this nocturnal pursuit is also explained :) "I've been searching for an angel in white, I've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself, I've been searching for a bit of both...."

Finally, someone is sighted and the hormones go into overdrive:) Fine Young Cannibals - singing "You drive me crazy....."

Yes and she is more than a woman to you:) never mind that most people can tell by the way you walk that you are a dancing man, no time to loose, music loud and women warm... Bee Gees in Saturday Night Fever.

Yeas then the gushy, squishy, goofy phase, when you think everybody has the same disease :) Wet Wet Wet singing.. Love is all around me...

Things get to a fever pitch pretty soon...."Fever" sung by Peggy Lee. This is the version that I like. "Chicks were born to give your fever, whether it be centigrade or farenheit :) Fever! What a way to burn:)"

So now everything you do, you do it for her..
click here for Bryan Adams singing Everything I do from the movie Robin Hood.
If you want to look into Michelle Pfeiffers eyes:) watch this one;

That should put her on the top of the world... Carpenters

Things get into a rhythm and women do slow things down to a langoros pace don't they? Rigtheous Brothers singing Melody Unchained... slow, undulating, almost a caress that never ends....

Well, if in love, it is normal to think that the woman you love, is completely different from all other women you have known and those you don't know!
"Nothing ...Nothing compares to you" by Sinhead o Connor...

Those in love are known to travel to lonely places and enjoy nature a lot more:) "Truly madly deeply" -Savage Garden. " i want to stand with on you a mountain..:)" never fail lines if you are serenading her..

It is polite to thank people.. especially if there is a drop in intensity and you feel guilty, or the possibility of moving on begins to be a possibility. "Ive had the time of my life..." from the movie "Dirty Dancing"

click here for the movie Dirty Dancing sequence

In my search for freedom and peace of mind, I left the memories behind...wanted to start a new life .. but it seems rather absurd..when I know the truth is that I always think of you... some day .. some way ... we will be together baby...I'll take it and you'll take your time..we'll wait for our fate..becoz nobody owns us baby, .... tried to throw the picture out of my mind, tried to leave the memories behind... but the passion that you planted in the middle of my a passion that will never stop!...someday .. someway...

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