Friday, November 27, 2009

Remembrance of things past : A lil romance :) Malayalam songs

Given below are a few songs that one used to hum when Cupid made one his target. It has no relevance today since one is more concerned these days about Lord Yama making an appearance on his buffalo:). Well, for those who did not follow that,I was merely suggesting that one was more likely to be preparing to meet St Peter at the pearly gates than being chased by Cupid and his arrows:).
Can "one" continue? :)

"Nee arikal unayirunnengil ennu njan, oru mathra veruthe" ..."I wish you were with me" :)Simple isn't it? Liked the library sequence..there is something about the quiet air there and the sensitive people who land up there that makes me open up! a I have lost my heart many a time and invariably to those with a love for the written word :)

"Ente chempaneer poovinte"... all about love that need not be spoken.. subtle, deep and the kind of intimacy in relationships that are often magical...

"Aaro veral meeti manasin man veenayil"... someone plays the music of love within the confines of your mind...manju warrier did a sensitive and stunning potrayal of a hyper sensitive girl who lived amongst her dreams and poetry..touches your heart!

"Pineyum pineyum aaro padikadannethunna padaniswaram".. Is someone entering your life? is it the one that you were waiting for all the while ...manju warrier at her best again..

She brings music to your life: "Ennale nee oru sundara ragamayen ponnodakuzhalil vannolichi irrunu"

This one is a poetic rendition of love and an invitation to consummate the relationship ..."Chakravarthini ninnaku njan ente shilpa gopuram thurannu, puspa padakam purathu vachu nee nagna pathayayi akathu varu"

"Manjalayil mungi thorthi, dhanu masa chandrika vannu, nine mathram kandilelo.." "The moonlit winter night with its chill has come in but not you... " Jayachandran's version brings out the pining of the lover....

"Ennodenthinee pinakam? ennum endhinanu enodu paribhavam.." this was a take on Othello by Jayaraj and this is the plaintive Desdemona bemoaning the unexplained coldness of her love...

"Varamanjaladiya raavin maril... oru manju thuli" about the blossoming of love. The metaphors used are picturesque...and from nature. Chitra's voice at its melodious best.....

Palavattom .. poem by madhumuttam in Manichitrathazhu. The translation and the link is attached:

"Ende Kadinjol pranaya kathayile penkodi.." "To the heroine of my first love story...searching for you many a dusk has passed by..." .This song from the movie "OoLkadal" was shot in Trivandrum at Mar Ivanios College where I studied and at the Trivandrum Museum which was a familiar haunt.I therefore identified with it a lot. This poem was written by ONV Kurup.

"Saradhindhu malardeepa naalam neeti surabhila yamangal shruti meeti" from the same movie.I saw it when I was 16 and the song has stayed in my mind even now:) I probably identified very strongly with intense and sensitive proagonist in the novel/screenplay and the nature of the relationship. KG George did a wonderful job in keeping a sombre tone and mood in the film.

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