Friday, November 27, 2009

Remembrance of things past: A lil love "isthorey" - Hindi FilmSongs

Given below are a few songs that one used to hum when Cupid made one his target. It has no relevance today since one is more concerned these days about Lord Yama making an appearance on his buffalo:). Well, for those who did not follow that,I was merely suggesting that one was more likely to be preparing to meet St Peter at the pearly gates than being chased by Cupid and his arrows:).
Can "one" continue? :)

How trouble starts ...tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya...

Talk about looking for trouble :) meet na mila re man ka...

You find someone.. say something and she hears something...Jaane Kya tune kahi..jaane kya meine suni.. baat kuch ban hi gayi...

The banwara bada naadan he...bagiyan ka mehman he... phir bhi kaliyan ka muskan he

People start playing flute at odd hours and the lady wants to know "man kyon beheka aadhi raat ko..."

and one thing leads to another ...then you see dreams.. tere mere sapne ek rang he..

Time starts playing tricks... waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam..

Theory of Relativity : time moves too fast and it is abhi na jao chodkar

You start small ... choti choti si baat

Managed to capitalise on limited time available: loote koi man ka nagar ... :)

Yes, gentlemen always marry their sweet hearts: teri bindiya re... (all time favourite)Yes and thanks to De Beers, some jewelry comes between lovers:)(no this is not a product placement: LOL)

Everything is hunky dory and you like everything around you. "Bade ache lagte hain yeh dharti yeh raina"

Raina ke saath chaand bhi niklega.. Chaudvin ka chand...

Start of trouble: Not at home when others are home and singing: Swami is out on work!

Soon trouble starts, complaints, shikwas, etal : tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahin..

The net result .. saanj dale ...gagan tale ...hum kitne ekaki... well not counting the other woman:)

Things go from bad to worse and it gets into insomnia and cribs :)

Then you pine for her :Kabhi Kabhi and then... hamesha :) (my favourite)

At first you don't succeed you try harder :) tum bin jeevan kaise beeta .. poocho mere dil se.. I mean when you get hit, you stay hit:)

With passing age ... panic sets in..:)

As in all romantic stories "every body lived happily ever after.. after a few tears" :)


Nickname unavailable said...

Vinod, you took me down memory lane on a cold Saturday afternoon out here in LA. These are some of my favourite songs and I have each one of them on my IPOD. Thank you for taking the efforts and putting it all together.

Vinod Natesan said...

You are welcome. The collection seems to have been well received with people playing it on Blackberry's at alumni wedding receptions and some youngsters getting hooked onto songs they were hearing for the first time in their lives:)

Nickname unavailable said...

Vinod the melodies are addictive, third time listening to the same today. Thank you for putting it all together in a sequential order. How do I save it though?????