Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kung fu Fighting: Monkey Style

Jokes apart, it is a case of guerrilla warfare in action :) The two powerful, but inexperienced opponents are powerless against a nimble and peripatetic opponent, who is never stationary and is difficult to predict. Note how intelligently the monkey uses the terrain, it helps him increase his speed and opens up angles for attack. It is not always the bulky musclemen who win battles , it is often the intelligent, nimble , agile , opponent.

The tigers could have used their numerical advantage in this case with one distracting the monkey and the other one launching a surprise attack from a hidden spot. Apparently age and experience here was a factor ? If one observes carnivores hunt, it is often a team effort with attacks from different angles and directions. Somehow they also seem to know the soft spot and any one of the pride would go for the jugular and hold on, while the others would wear the prey down. None of that happened here, they were clearly outwitted:)

Most martial arts of the East incorporate animal poses and styles in the movements and tactics. Kung fu has the "monkey" , "tiger", "crane" and "dragon" styles in their pedagogy. "Kalaripayyatu" which is believed to be the forerunner of "Kung fu" and "accupuncture" techniques originated in Kerala , in South India and uses a lot of animal inspired fighting ploys and strikes.The "snake" strikes and poses are the notable.

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