Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Economic Development in India and China vis a vis the UK and USA

 Hans Rosling on the rise of China and India over the years. Witty, interesting and a simple take on the linear data involving growth in life expectancy and per capita income. He manages to illustrate how political changes affected these two development indicators and how things are expected to pan out. The key points to be noted include the impact of war on the economy and how  skewed economic growth can be a dampener.


Claudio said...

Very interesting! My first time knowing & hearing from Hans Rosling. Bruno Munari, an industrial designg "Maestro", writes on a book -to get to simple achievementes is a complex road- I'm in Mexico and I live this reality of unequiity, lack of education and therefore lack of mony. The way Rosling lays down this facts is superb and simple. I'm going to follow his understanding and try to apply it with costumers that dont realy like to learn new ways. Is there a Rosling publication you can recomend?

Vinod Natesan said...

Other than this talk I have not come across Hans Rosling. In the web site TED.com from where this link appears, you can see his profile.

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