Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Classmates - Malayalam Film Songs

"Classmates" was a phenomenal hit in Kerala. One of the most insightful movies which managed to capture the ethos and happenings in a typical Kerala College Campus with amazing accuracy and sensitivity. Nearly everyone identified with the situations, characters and happenings. Brilliant music which captured the feel and style of music that was endemic to those times, added to the appeal.
I am posting this for all the Cochin SMS MBA batch mates who are getting together this December after 25 years of their first meeting:) Also to all those who were with me in Mar Ivanios Thiruvananthapuram, where I spent my turbulent teens, actively involved in student union activities, with a strange and innocent notion, that I could change the world and live life on my own terms.:)

P.S. This post is revisited thanks to a few  Classmates from my graduate days( Mahesh Nair and others), who left no stone unturned or rather, no phone call unmade, to ensure that the motley group of 66 "classmates" were contacted, called and cajoled into getting into Facebook and then to the event itself.

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