Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vintage Advertising from India. Sheetal.

The photo featured below is from an ad for a high fashion shop called Sheetal which was based in an upmarket location in Mumbai. I liked this photograph so much that it was cut and kept in a scrap book. I retrieved this one... at least the visual.. the rest was eaten by termites I guess.

What the termites succeeded in  making a meal of, was another ad which had the visual of a boat  in a lake with the sunlight reflecting off the water which is sparkling as a result.  The boat had  a bloke with a low slung hat reading a book while lying on a wooden plank..The copy said something like "give me a boat, a lake and a book to read". I don't remember the brand :). I remember however that creating images and writing lines like that would be a great way to make a living :)

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