Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gold Jewellery Advertising from India.

Gold jewellery advertising saw a spurt in the early part of 2013. As the rupee fell against the dollar and inflation went sky high, there was a rush to invest in gold and gold jewellery. The price of gold went high but that did not stop the off take and marketers were opening showrooms across the country. Here are a few samples of the advertising that one saw in print.
 Now, those who are in the business would agree that as far as women are concerned, the design is the most crucial element in the purchase process. They would go to the retailer whose designs appealed to them and very often can very clearly specify the design that they have seen. It would seem then that the category code here is to therefore to showcase the showstopper design and put it onto a lady concerned "aspirational" by the women customers. That seems to be the route Kalyan Jewellers and Malabar Gold seem to have done. My guess is that it worked for them.
Aishwarya for Kalyan Jewllers. Gorgeous lady, great jewellery designs, the photograph has its own glow!!
Kareena looks graceful and glamorous in this Malabar Gold & Diamonds launch ad for Mumbai.
The rich burgundy tone does well for the brand. The jewellery design is not camouflaged by the celebrity.
Once again the focus is on the jewelery, the tone is quiet, graceful and the burgundy adds richness.

This visual is stunning no doubt, but notice that with the change in the color code, the ad looks as if it is from another brand. The styling is also less quiet and the personality is more sensual and a bit erotic. The whole brand ritual is missing with the brand name written in pink- purple and not in reverse.... I would have tried for consistency in brand tone and tenor. It is a highly cluttered market with a lot of similar advertising...
This is a standard jewellery ad that I liked which did not feature celebrities and was part of a campaign that featured brides from various parts of the country in traditional wedding gear. Featured here is a Kannadiga bride. There was one for Coorg and so on. I think it works if you stick to a consistent style in photography and look. Else you may get lost in the clutter and drive traffic to your competitor.

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