Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Google Search TVC ReUnion. Brilliant Advertising.

Well, we knew that technology could make our lives better. Google decided to demonstrate that with their search engine's many applications. They made this TVC which has the whole sub-continent which covers India and Pakistan in a tizzy, or tears,  as the case may be.
Unlike some TVC's which look contrived, mawkish if not maudlin, this one looks genuine, realistic and not at all contrived. And more importantly, it stays within the product territory. The Google search engine is the main hero in the whole plot as it brings two separated friends and families together.
The Partition of the sub- continent is an emotionally charged issue in both countries and in those chaotic months, many families were uprooted from their homes and forced to live far away in another geography. One often see's the emotional undercurrents surface whenever the two countries come together in war, or in sport. Many creative efforts have crossed boundaries and resonated to applause in the other country and this TVC traverses that terrain. You could compare this to Isreal and Palestine, to the Balkans, I suppose. Yes, Google has delivered a heart warming story and managed to make themselves part of the everyday life with it.
Kudos to the team at Google and Ogilvy for a wonderful piece of work.

There are 4 more executions in this campaign:

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