Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar. Farewell Speech.

I was one among the many who thought that this mania about one cricketer was going beyond healthy limits. But this farewell speech, to borrow a cricket term, clean bowled me!
Sachin Tendulkar Farewell Speech.

 As Ian Bishop a West Indian said, humility, in the face of all this adulation, was remarkable and something to be applauded and emulated. Brian Lara in his column mentioned being surprised by what Sachin meant for the common man on the streets. He gave them something to be proud of. When he succeeded and showed excellence wearing the country's colors, they actually identified with him and felt proud and vindicated!

Always heart warming to see a wonderful sports personality who played the game well and managed to remain a great human being, an affectionate and respectful son, brother, a loving husband and father, a supportive colleague and associate and overall a grateful person who chose to remember everyone big and small at the most poignant moment of his life.

All the best Sachin. Thank you for the cricket and  for always doing the right thing.


 .Front page devoted to the speech and retirement by the print media. There is a priceless picture of the cue sheet he carried for the speech he gave, courtesy Times of India

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