Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sahir Ludhianvi- Film songs and poetry Kabhi Kabhi

I always liked this one. The kind of song that anyone who has ever fallen in love and had to give up his passion would wistfully listen to. This was visualised with rare sensitivity by Yash Chopra in the movie Kabhie Kabhie. Amitabh Bachan reciting this in his baritone voice lends it a timeless aura all its own. I think the Nazm at the start of the song is simply poetry at its consummate best.

This version has the lyrics and the song is played to a remix rhythm.

The version featuring Sahir Ludhianvi's complete Nazm. The Nazm is recited well. But the song is sung off key by a chap called Malhotra and I would suggest you move onto the Mukesh version which comes below this video once you are through with the Nazm:)

For those who love the filmi version. the Music is by Khayyam and sung by Mukesh.

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