Sunday, October 31, 2010

Music from Morocco and Algiers

Casablanca is what Morocco immediately brings to mind, but this post is about a couple of songs which were forwarded by friends. One is by Khaled who sang "Didi" which got all the Bhaiyas and Didis and Betas and Betis on the dance floor. This one is Aisha and it has nothing to do with the movie of the same name.:) This one is in French and the English translation has been provided by Mary Jane a friend.

Like I didn't exist she walked by beside me. Without one look, Queen of Sabbath I said: Aicha take it, everything is for... y...ou* Look here, these pearls, these jewels. Also the gold surrounding you. Fruit, well ripened with the taste of honey. My life, Aicha if you love me Aicha, li...sten to me, Aicha, Don't leave, Aicha look at me, Aicha answer me! *

I will go where your breath takes usin lands of ivory and ebonyI will wipe off your tears, your pain. Nothing is too beautiful for a woman so pretty*I will say words of poemsI will play music of the sky. I will take the rays of the sunto lighten up your queen eyes.Aicha Listen to me, Aicha don't leave...*

She said :" Look at your treasures...I need better than all that.Strong bars, even trellis in gold. I want the same rights as you. And respect for every day. I don't want anything but love"* 

Like I didn't exist she passed me by without one look, Queen of SabbathI said: Aisha take it, everything is for you Aicha, listen to me Aisha don't leave.

 Cheb Mami collaborated with Sting in the Desert Rose. This too is a nice song and he has collaborated with the Italian rock singer Zucchero. A word about Cheb Mami though. I do not care much for the person since he has been tried and found guilty of trying to kidnap and perform a forced abortion on his girlfriend. He has been imprisoned in France. The music however is a team effort and sounds good. Strange how talent seems to reside in these kind of people!! Roman Polanski and Woody Allen immediately come to mind.

The translation of the French lyrics is by  "Righteous Fool ".

"Another sun as the day is leaving will set in my soul when I'm alone 

for those who ...hope and now keep on believing one love is calling for everyone 

And I believe again in every promise

Faith is returning; She's my babyand I can live again for all tomorrowsFaith is returning; She's my... baby

 When the day is fading, I will remain to love you better and lose my fears born on this morning, soft as the rainroses are falling through my tears..

.Good bye to misery and empty hours

Faith is returning, she's my baby And I can live again coz love will save me

Faith is returning, she's my baby"

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