Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rabindranath Tagore :Ekla Chalo Re and the Seduction of Solitude

An article in the TOI took up the issue of solitude and how many creative people preferred it over the lure of companionship and the gregarious nature of goups. Being alone is different from being lonely and the anxiety to have someone around often seemed to me as an act of self- denial and self- deception. In the final analysis, we came  to this world alone and we return alone without any companion. The rest seems to be largely arrangements of convenience rather than any bond of permanence.
The link below details the lyrics of "ekla chalo re by Tagore.

There is a Malayalam song in the film Umachu which again touches the path of solitude: "Ekantha padhikan njaan". Lyrics are by P.Bhaskaran and the music by Raghavan.It was sung by Jayachandran.

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