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Encouraged by the feedback for the last post ,this one has been crafted. Feel free to circulate it.

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The last one on Krishna may end up being used by an orphanage called Sreesankara Balasraman  in Trivandrum. They believe that the sentiment may be there in people to help, but most may not choose to take up the responsibility of nurturing a life. However,they liked the concept and sentiment  in the ad, as did many, who wrote in.
http://mayanmuse. blogspot. com/2009/ 12/adoption- ad-krishna. html

As a matter of practice, my parents always arrange lunch (sadya) for the inmates at this ashram, and another at Vanchi Poor Fund Home in Trivandrum, whenever there is a function in the house, or a celebration, and also during every festival. The  orphanages seem to be run with dedication and commitment and the children are provided vocational education.
The address of the orphanage is :
Sreesankara Balasramam
Chinmaya Mission
Govindamangalam Road, Oorutambalam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram 695507 Kerala
Cheque/DD/ may be sent favouring "The Secretary, Sreesankara Balasramam".

I believe it  is a better way of celebrating life, than displaying wealth ostentatiously and adding to the coffers of licquor barons.
Vinod Natesan
Mayan Consultants International

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