Saturday, December 19, 2009

SHERLOCK HOLMES-The movie and some martial arts

A piece from the movie Sherlock Holmes. Delightful piece of film making. I am posting it here for the martial arts fans. This is bare knuckle boxing choreography at its best!

*Note the use of combination punches, it is not the "punch and wait" style.
* The "parry and counter punch" is standard boxing fare but done here with panache and style. There is almost a lazy elegance to it that builds up the character!
*Use of background music.The rhythm here is provided by the music(very apt)and the pace is just right:)
*The "two ear slap" is very common in "thekkan kalari" and the gambit of distraction and attack is also signature tactic in this form of the martial art.
*The counter-slap to the ear drum, the straight kick to the plexus after raising of hands for balance and distraction, the punch on the floating ribs, are also gambits in thekkan kalari which has a lot of hand to hand combat and is more towards "infantry" foot soldier fighting, rather than the more classical "vadakkan kalari" which is classical in style and extremely subtle and precise and has weapons as its forte.
*The elbow to the jaw seems closer to Thai boxing.It is found to be very effective both as a 'hook' and an 'upper-cut'and is sometimes preferred to the head butt, that some do in similar situations.The elbow is also difficult to effectively block.
Watched it again and again, Guy Ritchie, at his best :)

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