Sunday, December 13, 2009




A close blood relative decided to adopt a child after 7 years of marriage. There were many opinions on the matter, one of which was that children who are adopted have unpleasant histories and do not augur well for their foster parents. This is an attempt to assuage such apprehensions. Yashoda brought up Krishna as her own and she did not do badly from what the scriptures say:).
The inspiration for this ad was a piece in Carnatic Music which goes
 "Enna tavam shaithane yashoda, engum nirai parabhramam, amma enrazhaika." which asks the question, "what penance did Yashoda do, that the Universe call ed her "mother"!!
It is a Krithi By "Papanasam shivan"in Kappi Ragam (Janya Ragam of Kharahara priya),
set to Aadi Thalam.  It is sung by Chinmayi and Baby Nimisha

The ad was uploaded first on 13th December 2009 and since then has had to undergo changes since there were issues on historical accuracy given that Lord Krishna was not adopted in the strict sense of the term and it was a case of a switch.The changes that took place are documented above as options.

Meanwhile hotmail has come up with an article on famous adoptions (23rd December 2009) and Sushmita Sen has announced her second adoption! The TOI has also reported changes in the adoption laws.
We will carry all the information on this space . Vinod Natesan as on 29th December2009.

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