Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Greetings for those in uniform

We are the shadow that never leaves your side
We are the shade that hides you from the fire
We care for you as much as you care for your city
  We are your neighbors and keep your neighborhood safe
We are the men and women of the Mumbai Police
  And we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year

This was a public relations effort that happened when I was working on a retainer with an multinational advertising agency that was setting up shop in Mumbai.
I was quite impressed by the calibre and work ethic of the people in uniform I met who were very senior in hierarchy. Below are a few lines that I have penned as a token of my gratitude to them. A few bad apples in uniform anywhere in the country, should not take away the respect that these people in uniform all over the country deserve.

Even as the wine is poured and the confetti strewn,
As friends and family join together in celebration,
Vigilant eyes and strained bodies scan the horizon,
 For anything that could halt the celebration,
 Families far away and no show of affection,
These men and women toil in anticipation,
Of a job well done and to everyone's satisfaction!

My heart felt best wishes for the men and women in uniform at hospitals and the armed forces, for whom service comes above everything else.
Vinod Natesan

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