Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day and Music

The last year I had posted visuals and some folklore.
This year I have been lazy.
I am forwarding three songs.I am fortunate that my mom is a major in classical music and has a lovely voice.I was therefore treated to some melodious songs and I still remember them.
The first is a famous lullaby and my favourite. Omana thinkal kidavo is believed to have been composed for putting to sleep the young Swathi Thirunal by the famous poet lyricist Iravi Varman Thampi (1783-1856 A.D), popularly known as Iryimman Thampi. Irayimman Thampi is Swathi Thirunal's maternal uncle.

The second is not a lullaby but an evocative song  praising the female maternal energy, from the movie Chayam and has Vayalar Rama Varma giving the lyrics to Devarajan's music. Aiyroor Sadasivan is also given credit in the team.

The third is a reference from two friends (GN& SR). According to them, the original Mathey Malayadhwaja Pandya Samjathe is a composition in the Khamas Ragam by Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar. The visuals are from the movie "Morning Raga" by Mahesh Dattani and the camerawork is by Rajiv Menon. The visuals are vintage Rajiv and the music blends in beautifully(Mani Sharma).

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