Thursday, April 23, 2009


The biggest news as far as the IPL 2009 is concerned is the blog called "fake ipl player" and evidently the title is eponymous to the author. You can visit this at
The blog apparently is a huge hit. The writing is lively and witty and that explains most of the interest it generates. The point of view is that of a "fly on the wall inside team locker rooms". A lot of what sports writers cannot know and if they know, cannot write are all now accessible to the digital community.
The democratization of media is something that everyone has been talking about and this is a case in point. Even Shahrukh Khan with all this media clout and street smart tactics seems to be clueless in terms of stopping this onslaught from this lone ranger!
Blogging seems to have opened up a very potent medium for the average citizen/ common man.
The related aspect is that no one has been able to identify the IP address from where the blogs are originating and therefore the author remains a Scarlett Pimpernal of sorts!

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Vinod Natesan said...

Cut and paste
on your browser and you can see the blog. The blog has been stopped for the last few days it seems.Most of the posts are old.