Saturday, July 12, 2014

Update on Elements Homestead Products Pvt Ltd

12th July 2014
Dear All
At some point in time I may have contacted you with regard to a project I was doing for Elements Homestead Products Pvt Ltd. Please be advised that the said assignment was stopped after a commercial dispute and I am no longer responsible for the work being released, including the facebook page and other digital assets created and some of which are currently in existence. I am also not responsible for claims regarding fair trade practices and organic farming made through these digital assets and on social media during my contract period.

 Enquiries and proposals made for this project are also now null and void.

 An FIR ( 530/14)has been registered by the Kasaba Police Station , Calicut at the 1st Class Judicial Magistrates Court No 3 ,against Mr Tomy Mathew Vadakancheril , the MD of Elements Homestead Products, Mr Lijin Jacob Tom, the Manager at Elements and Mr Anup Nair, an IRMA Alumni and CEO  of Local Economic Development Society, Cochin, under Sections 406( criminal breach of trust),420( cheating) of the IPC read with Section 34 of the IPC ( common intent). This was further to my complaint to the Commissioner of Police Calicut and a fortnight long preliminary investigation by the ACP Crime Detachment of the Calicut Police into the same. 

Legal notices from lawyers are also being exchanged under the civil procedure code for recovery of dues and damages caused and is being progressed to final litigation.
The matter is sub-judice and I do not wish to make any comments on the parties involved. I am informing you of this development  to close the loop that was opened and to  prevent any miscommunication or false beliefs you may have regarding my current projects.

Regret the inconvenience caused.

Vinod Natesan
Mayan Consultants International

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