Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Innovation in Action. Ravi Shankar and his intelligent wheel chair.

Read more about this young engineer from Coimbatore, India, who designed possibly one of the most useful devices for those who are physically challenged and have to use a wheel chair. He seems to have an appetite for innovation and projects he works on are all relevant and have huge social benefits. These include projects to reduce transportation losses incurred in marketing of fruits and vegetables, monitoring gas, water and electricity consumption at homes online and making payments vide the same medium,security applications at homes and industries...the list goes on
Where does this appetite come from ? He says, "The most important thing is to understand the pain of others and take it up as your own. Believe that every problem has a solution."
He sums up his approach thus, "Spend some time thinking of the possible ways to solve it. Analyze the merits and demerits. The scope of any innovation revolves around cost, performance and utility. The solution’s simplicity is its essence.”
Innovation in Action. Ravi Shankar and his intelligent wheelchair

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