Saturday, January 12, 2013

Useful Links for the MBA Aspirant

Useful Links for the MBA Aspirant ( Parents included)
For many of the youngsters who have completed their graduation and are on the cross roads of what to do next, the option of doing a post- graduation in business administration or business management looms large. Very clearly it would be time well spent and increasingly increases the possibility of gainful employment apart from providing the candidate with some very practical know how and know who when it comes to the commercial world.
Entry for these courses is restricted to the select few and the process involves an entrance examination followed by group discussions and an interview. There are many entrance examination formats and the most coveted one which is recognized by the crème de la crème of the Institutes is the CAT( Common Admission Test). These scores are used by the elite Indian Institutes of Management ( IIM’s ) apart from some other management Institutes. There are other entrance exams too which are all listed below as a “ready reckoner” for the eager aspirant and his/ her anxious parent.
·                      The supply side:Top 25 business schools in India.
·                      The top 50 Management Institutes in the country.
·         Salaries offered to products of these institutes.
·                     The fees charged in these Institutes.
·         The demand side: What the competition is like and what the percentile scores actually mean.
·         List of all entrance exams and details regarding colleges which accept these scores and details.
·         The next round, interviews and GD’s.
·         The test score alone will not do.
·         What worked for the toppers in CAT

·         The domination of the IIT graduates continue in CAT.
·         Collection of articles on ET.

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