Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Indian New Year Greeting 2013

It took a series of rapes in all parts of the country before the anger spilled out through social media onto the mainline media and the streets. In what can be only described as surreal or bizarre, the dispensation in Delhi, Mumbai and elsewhere chose to suppress it with lathi charges and water cannons.The charade continued with politicians, celebrities and all the usual suspects jumping onto the free publicity gravy train each with his or her own brand of "sharing grief". The victim of the rape died and the rapes, molestations, murders continue and on the ground even the groping, pawing, sexual harassment continues unabated. While the metros in the country have raised their voices, the silent suffering one's in villages continue to suffer mutely. Here is to hoping that the coming year will result in meaningful action in terms of laws which compel compliance, law enforcement which realizes that the victims could well be their kith and kin, legislators who realize that the popular verdict cannot be brought or snatched and indifference could well result in some unpleasant suppositories in the next hustings. And lastly a fervent hope that people find joy in the myriad things that make life beautiful..AND NOT FROM CAUSING PAIN AND HARM TO FELLOW BEINGS! BE IT RAPE, MOLESTATIONS, RAGGING, HAZING, ROBBING OR JUST PLAIN SADISM!!
AMEN. Thatasthu.
P.S. The visual has been used from an URL and is being shared in public interest. It is not my creation. And yes, it is a hen and not a rooster :)

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