Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great Speeches : Bill Clinton for Barack Obama

The Clinton Speech for Barack Obama at the National Democratic Convention of September 2012

One of the finest speeches I have come across in recent times.

As an Indian citizen, it is not really of immediate concern to me as to who finally becomes the American President, though in a removed sense, it does make a difference, since American policy does affect the Indian Republic in more ways than one.  Keeping the impact on my country aside, my interest and appreciation for this piece of oratory was purely professional. To me, it was an example of excellence in thought, in presentation of ideas and finally, convincing a heterogeneous mix of people from all walks of life about a very crucial decision.

Clinton simplified public administration and finance, macro economics and political history into a rousing 50 minute speech without any visual aids and made his point. 

It was also a classy speech and had dignity written all over it. Concepts like cooperation, ethics in public life and politics, health care reforms, debt restructuring were all dealt with, with candor and conviction. 

He never stooped to mud slinging and irrelevant dribble. The pacing was perfect, the body language was sincere and he “engaged” the crowd for almost an hour!

I don’t particularly poke my nose into what people do with their private lives and for sexual relief and therefore my respect for this man went up manifold. True that he may have lied about an extra- marital affair ( there are few married men I can think of, who have been totally faithful to their spouses in word and deed!!) but that does not take away anything from his mental faculties and his ability as a communicator and as a  thinker.

The 50 minutes I spent reading this gave me an excellent pencil sketch of the current issues facing the US of A and a very good reference point to understand the elections that are scheduled.

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