Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gangnam The new trend

I was rather surprised to see this name Gangnam  crop up on social media and even more so, to learn that this was a  Korean rapper dance style. Anyway this is the video that is now breaking records and is likely to make it to the Guiness Book of Records as one of the most liked videos on Youtube. It reminded me of  Macarena which was a dance hit with its own trademark dance style  and the success of the South Indian music hit Kolaveri Dee. Gangnam is simple, childish has no particular meaning other than being a carefree happy go lucky song and certainly will appeal to teenagers with the kind energy that the song has and the humor that the visuals and horse back dance style that it spins out.. :)

 Being a planner by trade I had to dig deeper and look to understand why this video appealed to people and viola, came across this video which provides you with some qualitative research to interpret this meme :)

 A related link on this song.Gangnam Style Explained.

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