Monday, April 25, 2011

The rivetting music of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan

I heard this song in Vishal Bharadwaj's movie Ishqiya and was mesemerised by the lyricism that Gulzar had penned, but then I also realized that the voice had its own magical realism that gave a strange realism and made the pain in the lines  palpable. I soon learned that the singer was Rahet Fateh Ali Khan and that he inherited his unique voice, talent and skill from his illustrious father, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

This one is another favourite of mine from the movie Rajneeti. More piya mujse bolat nahee...

Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye .. the song sent everyone's jiya dhadak dhadak and was a favourite of the romantically inclined. Forget the rather mushy and maudlin movie clip, the song stays in your heart for long and is probably the best choice for the eternal romantic who wants to serenade his love:)

Ore Piya.. man kyon udna laga re...nayanon bole dil ki jubaan...heavenly lines...and a voice that lends it body.

Lagan Lage tum se man ki lagan...aur lagan lage man ko is gaane se lagan :)

Naina Thag lenge...naiyon ki mat maaneyo re.. from another Vishal Bharadwaj classic Omkara

Woh jo muje khwab mein mile..use tu ab laga de gale ....

This is by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I liked this one  immensely. Sanu ek pal chiain na ave sajna tere bina is one honest rendition of the sorrow and angst that separation brings in its wake. There is an element of sufism here I think and is the allusion to the Divine and the need to be one with the Universal one that is hidden in the allegory.. a lot of Bhakti songs in Hinduism have a similar tenor.

Tere bin nahin lagta dil mera dholna...again on separation and its pain..

Rahat singing... mein jahan be rahoon.... teri yaad saath he..
Bol halke halke...
The link gives you the song from Anwar which starts with the chorus Maula mere maula.. and then the song... ankhen teri .itni hasseen ke inka ashiqu mein ban gaya hoon, mujko basa le inmein too....
Tose naina lage mili roshnee... tujse man jo laga  mili zindagi

Man Bawra -- simply beautiful... great lyrics sung with feeling.

Jane kya chahe man bawra... don't know if it is Rahat who is singing it. But I loved it:)

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