Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sexy Looking Anchors on NewsTV. Good for ratings bad for memory?

An interesting link on the impact of sexy looking female anchors on News TV. They seem to boost ratings since the men log in, but loose out on impact since men do not seem to remember what they said.. or so claims this "research". I guess the impact of good looking male anchors on female news audience would also be the on similar lines? Not sure if this research covers that.. :)CLICK HERE

For entertainment channels, I guess looks may backfire if the audience and the anchor are the same sex. Here an ordinary looking anchor who does not threaten the audience, but is able to empathize with them, would seemingly work. Oprah Winfrey rules the ratings and has an army of housewives of all color and creed as part of her fan club. Her clout certainly does not come from an hour glass figure and a plunging cleavage:) A lot of people claim that many actors and actresses who are not particularly good looking in the conventional sense, tend to do well in the visual media for this reason:) It goes by the nomenclature of "boy/girl next door looks"!

However if the anchor and audience belong to the opposite sex...the connect may be instant and the eye balls may pop out and stick :) Mandira Bedi was not popular with women and did not bring in the female numbers, but did something for the male audience in India in the pre-match segment. What Mandy baby did during the pre-match segment was taken up by the cheerleaders during the match much to the chagrin of the bowlers and fielders on the ground:) For the same reason possibly, female presenters at the sports desk seem to be quite popular:)

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