Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manipulating the Message : Media as the Middleman.

Legal Disclaimer: The vidoes posted here are from the Youtube site and I have no means to verify their authenticity or veracity of their contents. I am merely sharing what I found in public interest. If these tapes are true, then what is contained herein is of serious consequence and every citizen of this country should be seized of this matter. The reader is advised to conduct his own due diligence.The captions "death to traitors " and "fail" etc are captions provided by the person who has put it up and I do not endorse it.
Meet the new middleman- The media professional.

For those who switch on the TV to be informed of what is happening in the country, this would be disturbing. Media demigods who are supposed to impassively inform us seem to be actively manufacturing and manipulating the message and the motive is abundantly clear, millions!! After watching these videos one would probably double check what is reported on televisions and dailies and probably look at multiple media reports before concluding on anything. Any journalist who puts himself or herself up for sale will probably realize this , that "credibility" is something they should never put up for sale. It is the proverbial  kiss of death. I hope what is shown here is somehow not true.. I am not sure though..

Barkha Dutt and Nira Radia Tapes 1 to 4




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