Friday, November 12, 2010

Jail Term for Ragging: Aman Kachroo case verdict

The verdict on the Aman Kachroo case will be welcomed by every human being with a conscience. Aman Kachroo was a medical student who was murdered by his seniors during a macabre ritual of initiation in the college which is loosely referred to as "ragging". Elsewhere, the term "hazing" is applied to it. New students are bullied by their seniors who know each other and are therefore better organized and in larger numbers. In many cases, bullying takes on horrendous, ugly amd sadistic forms. Sodomy and other demeaning acts aimed at destroying the dignity of the individual happens.Sexual abuse and the trauma that follows sometimes results in suicides or severe mental problems rendering the life of the student futile. Parents end up being mute witnesses since the college authorities rarely report this for fear of loosing their "reputations". Witnesses are hard to come by since most other "freshers" fear for their careers and lives. It would be impossible to continue studies if one were to be a witness.
After his son's death Dr Kachroo waged a lonely but relentless battle to remove the scourge of "ragging" from the Indian campuses and this verdict is a battle that he has won, but as he says, the war will be over only when this monstrosity of ragging is wiped out in India.


Many parents will be hoping that these convicted students get a taste of their own medicine when they land in Jail. They are after all newcomers to the jail system!! Hopefully even the short few years they spent here will feel like all eternity!! Small solace for the poor boy's soul which hopefully will rest now in peace.

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