Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Har Ghar Kuch Kehta He - Love in the times of house hunting :A Mumbai story

Love in the times of house hunting( Har ghar kuch kehta he!)

I guess anyone and everyone who had to fend for himself and not depend on his parents wealth, would have  passed through these times; staying in a metro as a paying guest, putting up with idiosyncratic landlords and inane rules, dealing with rogues who appear as real estate agents and who seem to thrive on sucking your lifeblood every eleven months, wishing that you had a place to call your own where you would be the king,  living life exactly the way you want, without bother. I went through these pangs during the early part of my career but thanks to Gangadharan Menon, my creative partner, and my parents egging,I finally dared to buy a piece of the Mumbai sky in the late 90's. An investment that was timely, and has proved to be wise.
My immediate motive at that time, was that any girl I brought home as my wife, should not have to stay as a tenant and should have free reign of her home and kitchen. An archaic thought possibly. However, the house happened, but the home never got started :) To para phrase Neil French, when I was young and homeless, they wanted an address, when I got one, they wanted somebody younger, so there I am, king of my four walls and all by myself! But not very unhappy about it, I must confess!!! You see, it brought home a truth, that true happiness comes from within, and it does not depend on the four walls of concrete around you!!

The songs below tell the tale of a fictional story that captures the Mumbai spirit well. Enjoy.

The hunt begins...

Weaving dreams and keeping the wolf away....

Reality bites ...

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