Thursday, January 21, 2010

In support of the Federation of Indian Students in Austrlia : Aussie Cricketers


From: Sanjay Goel
Subject: Federation of Indian students in Australia and the IPL
Date: Sunday, 24 January, 2010, 12:47 AM

Dear Vinod, I tried to post it on the irmagroups, but since I am not a member of the group, yahoo could not post it. You are welcome to post it, if you wish.  Sanjay

Dear Vinod,

Ranjan forwarded me your post on attacks on Indian students in Australia.  I have also been following the developments for the last 1 year at least, and trying to publicize it at my own level.

I am also disappointed with the response of Indian Government generally, and Minister of State Shashi Tharoor specifically.  I believe that one of the Government's solutions has been to agree to let Australian universities open campuses in India.  This is a great disservice to Indian education sector (aka a dumb-ass idea), because most Australian universities (even the well-established ones) are third-rate diploma mills, not worthy of being called a university or a college.  These universities have opened campuses in other parts of Asia as well - Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.  They offer a third-rate education, a worthless degree, at a high price.  This is following the Australian Government's strategy to use education as an "export industry."  Deceptive marketing practices are used to enroll students.  These universities are sometimes pulled up for quality violations by Australia's own educational quality boards.  And the Indian Government, in its infinite stupidity, and some romantic notions of Australia as a beacon of higher education, is officially sanctioning the spread of Australian crass mediocrity in India.

The "twittering Minister of State," as you put it, Shashi Tharoor, is on record saying that the attacks on Indian students have become an issue only because they have occurred so often, which forces him to develop some answers for the Indian media.  The implication being that these attacks are inconvenient to him personally because he has to answer the Indian media, and if only Indian students were beaten up slightly less often, it would be a non-issue, and he could keep twittering blissfully.  This kind of spinelessness is rewarded in United Nations, where he was number 2, as well as the Government that routinely sells out its citizens' interests all over the world.  Even Nigerian government shows more spine in the international arena than India's.

Thank you for your efforts to publicize these senseless attacks in a country that harbors such inhuman and pathetic clowns.  I also enclose a link from an Australian newspaper about racist Facebook groups in Australia, some of them targeting Indians.

Best regards,
Sanjay Goel
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