Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blind Man Writing

I brush my teeth, shave and have a bath everyday,I visit my barber once a month. My clothes are washed and ironed. I do not have tattoos and am not and do not appear to be a sexual deviant or someone who uses narcotics and psychotropic substances extensively. All these personality traits, according to many, makes me completely ill suited to the task of a "Creative Director"!
However in the pursuit of a legitimate livelihood which does not involve sale of ones self- respect and soul, I have often written messages to induce the reader to visit a destination, take up a cause, or try a product.
I am therefore the Account Planner cum Creative cum Business Head :) However, there is a catch. In the creative function, you need an At Director and a Writer working together. They always hunt in pairs. When you are a Planner, you sometimes find the Muse knocking and pen down a few ideas. However, it needs a skilled Art director to do the mid-wife's bit and get the baby out.The assignments here where like a blind man writing. The Art Director did his bit a lot later.The Art Director in question and my partner in crime here is a mysterious and secretive bloke who answers to the name of SG.

The campaigns written include

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