Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monsoon Music

o sajna, barkha bahar ayee- My favourite for years... based on megh malhar If I am right, beautiful visuals.... makes sitting at the window and watching the rains come down heavenly...
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bol re papi hara... ek man pyasa ... definitely quenches any thirst for good music on any day.. rainy or dry:)

chasme budhoor kahan se aye badhara ... love the music and yesudas at his mellifluous best...try not to get distracted by the visuals:)

laagan ghanan ghanan... this time around the monsoons threatened to give us a miss and therefore were welcomed when they raged down for days...

barso re megha.... come monsoons and everyone wants to get drenched.. all ages both genders....

shuba mudgal- aise barse sawan... there you go.. if you want to party in the rains:)

Suresh Wadkar and Kavita Krishnamurthy singing the classical(Miyan ki malhar or Megh malhar?) based "badal ghumad" . Inspiring for artists and musicians.

Suresh wadkar-badal ghumad badh aye

Kavita Krishnamurthy - badal ghumad badh aye

RhimJhim Gire Saawan - I used to enjoy this while at IRMA in 86-88 when it used to be played on the radio.

I somehow could not find any songs in Malayalam that celebrated the monsoons. Possibly it could be because Kerala gets rain all through the year... convectional rainfall or the 4 O clock rains in summer, some rainfall even in November due to the spillover from the Eastern cyclonic rains et al. The month of July also coincides with the Malayalam month of Karkadakam, when austerity is practiced and with mortality rates at its highest, Ramayanam is read in every household following the Hindu religion. Up north Shravan which coincides with Karkadakam also means austerity. So the monsoons are not all about romance:)
At Ayurvedic spa's and Kalari's it is the season for curative treatment as the weather is considered to be ideal for this. Pizhichi thirumal which is a comprehensive massage regimen is done during this time.
I guess that about explains why I did not get any Mallu songs ....

But in Hollywood,it certainly means dancing and singing in the rain... :) and here it is....

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