Monday, April 13, 2009


Greetings on this auspicious day of Vishu, Bihu, Baisakhi and Puthiyandu. Wishing you a great year ahead.
And for those in Gods own country...
Kodimundum, Kaineetavum,
Pinne orupidi konna poovum
Manasil nirachu orupadu snehavumayi
Oru vishu koodi varavayi
orayiram vishu ashamsakal


For those who wish to learn about this festival, I would recommend
The flower shown in Casia Fistula(botanical name) and is the State Flower of Kerala. It blossoms in summer during the month of April and the presence of this flower is regarded a harbinger of a healthy monsoon to come and prosperity during the harvest season to come which is during Onam (September).
Baisakhi too is an agrarian festival and denotes the end of the winter crop(rabi) and start of the summer crop(kharif) for the year ahead.Baisakhi is of major importance for the people following Sikh faith. As it was on a Baisakhi Day, in the year 1699 that the Tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh founded Khalsa Panth or the Order of Pure Ones and gave a unique identity to Sikhs. "Langars" or community lunches are organised this day.
The day of Baisakhi is of significance for the Hindus as it was on this day in 1875 that Swami Dayanand Saraswati founded the Arya Samaj - a reformed sect of Hindus who are devoted to the Vedas for spiritual guidance and have discarded idol worship. Besides, Baisakhi day is of relevance for the Buddhists as Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment and Nirvana on this auspicious day.

For those of you who want to see a video with the famous song "kanni kanum neram, kamala nethrante, niramekum manja tukil charti,kanaka kingini valakal mothirum, aninju kannenam bhagawane...
The video is not great visually but I guess the audio and emotions overrule all that

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Vinod, Kudos to you. What better religious pluralism can we have than what you just described. True to myself, I was aware that April 14th was an important day for several different religious groups, the detailed significance of each one was shared by you very gracefully. God Bless, enjoy the festival.