Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho
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"Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho" is a lovely serenade from the movie of the same name, written by Shakeel Badayuni set to music by Ravi, and sung by Mohammed Rafi.

The Lyrics in Hindi/Urdu:

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftaab Ho
Jo Bhi Ho Tum Khuda Ki Kasam, Lajawab Ho

Zulfein Hain Jaise Kaandhe Pe Baadal Jhuke Hue
Aankhen Hain Jaise Maey Ke Pyaale Bhare Hue
Masti Hai Jisme Pyaar Ki Tum, Woh Sharaab Ho
Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho ...

Chehra Hai Jaise Jheel Mein Khilta Hua Kanwal
Ya Zindagi Ke Saaz Pe Chhedi Hui Ghazal
Jaane Bahaar Tum Kisi Shaayar Ka Khwaab Ho
Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho ...

Hothon Pe Khelti Hain Tabassum Ki Bijliyaan
Sajde Tumhari Raah Mein Karti Hain Kaikashaan
Duniya-E-Husno-Ishq Ka Tum Hi Shabaab Ho
Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho ...

Since I love this song so much,I have translated it for the many who may not know what the fuss is all about:)
Is it the full moon at its fortnightly luminescent,
Or is it the splendid sun?
Whoever you are,
God knows, words cannot describe you,

Your silky tresses fall caressingly,
Clouding your shoulders,
Your eyes, like a goblet brimming with wine,
The joy that makes love intoxicating,
You are the moon at its fortnightly luminescent,

Your face, a smiling lotus in a serene lake,
As though a poem written in life’s breath,
Life’s blessing, you are a poets dream
You are the moon at its fortnightly luminescent,

The dazzling smile that plays on your lips,
Lights up a star filled path to your world
For the world, beautiful one,
You are the elixir of love.

Translation attempted by
Vinod Natesan, March 2009


aditi said...

loved the song and the touching and endearing. btw...its the first time i heard it, so thanks for introducing me to such loveliness!

pankaj said...

awesome.. that was the era of quality music.. n the lyrics in this song must have been appreciated by the gods also..