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Head of Operations/COO at RAK Investment Authority
“Vinod was of great support to us when we visited the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah and was instrumental in us setting up business there. He was thorough in terms of procedure and knowledge of all aspects of the Emirate and its laws and also was able to grasp the requirements of our business based in Hamburg quickly. He was very warm, friendly and went out of his way to make us feel at home which we reciprocate heartily. He continues to remain a well wisher and a friend. We will stay in contact because of his variety of well established business contacts all over the world but esp. in India. He is of great help to establish our business opportunities in India.” March 2, 2009

Markus Wagner , Owner , Middle East Marketing and Investment Group
was with another company when working with Vinod at RAK Investment Authority

“Vinod is an intelligent and versatile man. I had the good fortune of working with him during our assignment for RAK Dept of Civil Aviation. His sound knowledge and business acumen puts him in good stead with whichever organisation he works with. I wish Vinod the very best in all his future endeavours. Hoshi Siganporia” February 20, 2009

Hoshi Siganporia , Managing Director , The Big Idea Advertising
was a consultant or contractor to Vinod at RAK Investment Authority
Associate General Manager at McCann Erickson Mumbai (PSL)

“Early in my career, Vinod was my boss for a brief period of one year. Many years and many many colleagues later, I haven’t met too many who combine Vinod’s passion, conviction, intellectual curiosity and fierce commitment towards his job and his people. Am reassured to see that he retains the same hunger even today. For an organization looking to turbo charge its work culture, I can’t think of too many better prospects than Vinod Natesan.” March 9, 2009
Amit Kumar
Executive Planning Director, McCann Erickson (colleague)reported to you at Leo Burnett in 1993 and was with PSLMcCann Delhi in 1996-98.

“Vinod is straight and honest at what he wants to achieve. His approach to work is very clinical and analytical, which I've respected much. He grew from being an accounts executive to the position of a General manager in and advertising agency in a very short time, and out did past performances and set records in the agency in terms of new business. Which he has been able to repeat in further careers. He's a hard nut., and a maverick., and any serious business house deserves him.” March 13, 2009
Ara A,, Owner, The Fix (colleague) worked with you at Leo Burnett in 1992-93 and was in touch right through.
Proprietor at Mayan Consultants International

“Vinod looked after the marketing activities of the Landmark group for a while and I found him very knowledgeable in all aspects of the function. He was very data driven and collaborated with me in doing a quantitative survey on media consumption habits of regular customers and members of the loyalty club. He came out with very innovative campaigns to promote the Food Court at the Oasis Centre in Jumeirah and the CYBORG entertainment centre. His campaign "what women want" which ran during the Valentines and the Id season in February 2002 was a big success. I was also happy to see him replicate his success with the promotion of Emirate of Ras al Khaimah as an investment destination” March 13, 2009

worked directly with you in 2002 and is now with Bin Hendi UAE.

“Vinod is a peoples person and is excellent in motivating employees , I met Vinod in chennai and found him extermely sharp , focussed , motivated and always being in control of things I wish him all the best in his career” February 25, 2009

Viney Bhatia , General Manager- Finance at Rediffusion DYR Pvt Ltd was Commercial Manager , Rediffusion DYR Pvt Limited when he worked with Vinod at Mayan Consultants International in 2005.

“Vinod taught us Advertising at VESIMSR and it was one of my best classes through the MBA course. He is an excellent communicator and extremely organized. I also had the privelege to do a small assignment under his guidance, that brought out his systematic approach to problem handling and positive mentoring approach. He is always there for any discussion and is a great listener.” March 4, 2009

Shubha Chadaga , Merchandise Planner , BCBG Max Azria
was with another company when working with Vinod at Mayan Consultants International

“Professor Natesan was one of the best professors we had at VES. His intellect, professionalism and vast knowledge on the Advertising Industry certainly had us students begging for more. I can vividly recall some of the examples he would use to depict successful brands (so you can imagine how good he is!). I can certainly vouch for his Marketing and Advertising strategies and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make their brand BIG! :) God bless, Sir!” February 25, 2009.Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative.

Nandita Saggu, Specialist-Learning Solutions at Astrum Consulting.
Was a student of Vinod when he was a Visiting Faculty at VESASC and running Mayan Consultants in 2001

“I know Mr. Natesan from 2001, he was a visiting faculty for us at my BMM Course. Mr. Natesan has a great indepth & intellectual knowledge of the the advertising & media industry. He has worked with the leading Ad Agencies in India and hence, has the upto date knowledge & understanding of his field. I can easily term him as the 'expert'! Would recommend him to anyone looking for a strategist, planner, out-of-the-box thinker. Wishing him the very best in all he does!” February 23, 2009

Sahil Jatana , Asst. Manager - Digital Media at NDTV Imagine
Was a student , VES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Chembur
when Vinod was Visiting Faculty and running Mayan Consultants International

Executive at FCB Ulka (91-92) to Visiting Faculty at Management Institutes

Vinod Natesan spent some of his formative years with Ulka Advertising in Bangalore and Hyderabad. He has been in touch over the last 15 years as his career has progressed. An MBA from one of the better schools of management, he has kept himself alive and alert with the latest happenings and trends in marketing and advertising. It is laudable that he has taken a lot of interest in education and training. He also has a keen planning orientation, having worked on major campaigns and brands. I wish him all the best.

Ambi M.G.Parameswaran, Executive Director & CEO – Mumbai
Draftfcb + Ulka, Nirmal, Nariman Point. Mumbai 400021

LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS – Institute of Rural Management Anand & CUSAT(1 semester) - Masters (MBA/PGDRM) Teachers and fellow students.

“Mr. Vinod Natesan was a student of mine at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand, India. I remember him distinctly because of the keen interest he showed in the behavioural science courses I taught there. He used to be relatively quiet and yet quite communicative. Vinod’s recent messages and articles in the alumni pages tell me that his observational and analytical skills, which were visible years ago at IRMA, have become much sharper, along with a well developed sensitivity to social phenomena. I remember Vinod as a genuine, hardworking, reliable and a warm person. With his abilities and well-placed concerns, I am confident that Vinod, wherever he is, will definitely go that extra effective mile to be useful to society.” March 4, 2009

M.J. Arul , Director at Presidency B-School, Presidency College, Bangalore was Professor , Institute of Rural Management, Anand and taught Vinod there .

“Vinod is my senior and a very prominent alumni. I have known him as an advertising professional and an intellectual. He has helped his clients through his firm Mayan Consultants through many years now. I know from his dedication and intellectual curiousity that he is a person who puts in more than 100% in his work. I wish him a lot of luck in his future endeavors!” March 12, 2009

Desh Kapoor,, Engagement Leader at Infosys Consulting was Student, Institute of Rural Management

“I have known Vinod for a long time, from IRMA days. Over the years he has worked in the Advertising/Public Relations field and has executed successfully many campaigns. He has a lot of experience in the industry, grasps things easily, and is a person who gives more than 100% at work. He is a very good person to know and have as a friend, and his sense of humor always tends to make me smile.” February 20, 2009

Manesh Modi , Market Research Analyst at MGT Information studied with Vinod at Institute of Rural Management Anand
Student at University of Kerala and Loyola School Trivandrum

“Owner of a very strong personality. Very critical and thourough in analysis and quick in decision. Jobs are seen to its completion. A joyous and lovable person, with wide and varied interests in life. A good friend to have with.” February 20, 2009

Santhu Santosh , Chief Manager , SBT advised Vinod at University of Kerala

“I have known Vinod since childhood. Vinod is a person of high integrity, honor and compassion. Vinod is very passionate about his interests and is very committed to the success of his work.” March 11, 2009

Anil Mukundan, Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer at CodeObjects, Inc. USA.

“I known Vinod since my school days. He is sincere and hard working and quite passionate at work.In his career he has been able to achieve quite a lot due to his great energy and enthusiasm.” February 25, 2009

Sweth Raghunath , Regional Sales Manager - GCC at Strategic Food International Company LLC .studied with Vinod at Loyola School, University of Kerala and CUSAT (1 sem)

“I have studied with Vinod for brief period before he moved to IRM at Anand and have been impressed by his passion to excel in everything he does. Unbound enthusiasm, openness to ideas, attention to detail and analytical approach to problem solving are some of his obvious strengths.” February 20, 2009

Sathya Nair , Senior Channel Manager at Motorola - Enterprise Mobility Business Studied with Vinod at Cochin University of Science and Technology

“Vinod Natesan is an individual with a forceful personality and excellent domain knowledge in his chosen field of advertising. He has notable abilities as a teacher and maintains exceptional tenacity and commitment to perfection, in the projects which he takes up. With his varied experience in the country and abroad and diverse interests transcending the confines of his profession he should be an asset to any progressive organisation.” March 14, 2009

Aananthakrishnan S , Government of India Official
studied with Vinod at University of Kerala_

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