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11th November Effies 2008

Afaqs! met with a few jury members during the judging round to find out what they thought of the entries that they'd already been through.

Dhunji Wadia, branch head, Mumbai, JWT, expressed his disappointment: "There has been repetition in some cases. Since the brands were present last year as well, some of them don't really hit you as a great idea."

Exchange 4 media on 25th Nov08. Effie 2008 awards to be announced.

On his expectations, Dhunji Wadia, Managing Partner, JWT India, commented, “This year saw a keen competition from some defining case studies that have raised the bar for the Indian advertising and communication industry. JWT has eight finalists and we are hoping for the best.”

However, when asked about his personal favourite campaign from the finalist, all Wadia said was, “All the eight finalists from JWT are my favourites. Some have already shown results in other global and local competitions, and as for the others, their time will come.”

These are two quotations in the space of 14 days, from a judge of the Effies 2008, who is also a senior manager in one of the agencies which is participating in the competition. While peer group approval is a great motivator and can be a good indicator of talent and skill, IT WOULD SEEM THAT there is also the risk of subjectivity and personal agendas clouding the judgment and selection of the most deserving work.

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