Friday, April 18, 2008

IPL- Paisa Vasool League?

There has been some debate among the consultants as to whether one should invest in the IPL, also known as theIndian Premier League (snidely referred to as the Indian Paisa League).

I believe the TRP's would be high given that it is the vacation season and with the mercury on a high, people may prefer the entertainment and excitement of a cricket match to anything else.

In the battle for the drawing room remote, husbands and kids will prevail. Moms too wont mind a goodlooking pathan and goras running around. Not to mention that SRK and his glam brigade would be in the camera once in a while. Also helos to know what the cheerleaders were wearing or not wearing...and dancing. Its a lot like jhalak dikhla ja pun intended.

The quality of play and skills are world class ... given the money paid.

I don't think regions are important. People like or dislike players and their mode of playing. Its the player that matters. Still in doubt? Sachin is an example. He can get TRP's rising when he gets going. And not just from Mumbai. I think its the quality of the contest that matters. Evenly matched teams, the world's best talent, well timed schedule, it certainly is exciting. There is also no risk of "India loosing" and everyone loosing interest.

For summertime brands its the perfect opportunity.


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